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Pump foam sprayer Nowax Heavy duty sprayer Tec Foamer 2 NBR, 2L
  • Brand: Nowax
  • Article: NX02183
NOWAX brand pump sprayer model NX02183, designed for contactless application of acids. Made of special plastic, it stands out for its high resistance to all types of solvents. The durable plastic also exhibits good resistance to external factors such as heating, cooling, impacts, and falls. The convenient design with a button and an ergonomic handle reduces hand strain even during prolonged use of the sprayer. For easy transport, the sprayer is equipped with a horizontally positioned handle. Suitable for both household and professional use. The adjustable spray cloud allows for the treatment of both large surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. High resistance to chemical and physical actions. Two convenient handles for transportation and operation. Simple and convenient disassembly for filling and maintenance. Excellent for working with chemical agents, preventing direct contact with the skin. Designed for easy application of acidic compounds from canisters and barrels. For liquids with a pH of 2.0-8.0. The empty non-breakable container has a volume of 2 liters. Acid-resistant rubber sealing. Easy opening thanks to relief surface elements. The label allows for multiple entries regarding the poured liquid and additional fields for safety instructions.
  • Type Pump sprayer
  • Kind Others
  • Weight, kg 0.558