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Nowax manual sprayer 1l bottle + trigger
  • Brand: Nowax
  • Article: NX02184
NOWAX Hand Sprayer is an effective tool for car care. It exhibits excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals, including alkaline cleaning agents. It can be used to apply pressure to car shampoos on the body and wheels without direct skin contact with the substance. It ensures seamless treatment even in hard-to-reach places, such as the engine or brake calipers. The tool's body provides exceptional resistance to chemicals and solvents, maintaining its functionality for an extended period. It can be used for any car chemistry, including car shampoos designed for touchless washing. It works in any position of the container, even upside down. It eliminates skin contact with harmful substances. Volume: 1 liter. Material of the body: Plastic.
  • Type Pump sprayer
  • Kind Others
  • Weight, kg 0.14